Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (Type I, Type II, NOS, Including Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder) is a condition that may be nearest to my heart. Perhaps, it is this very disorder that has motivated me to keep conducting extensive research. I have some personal reasons for delving into this area.

I can tell you that it can be one of the most daunting of all the psychiatric presentations.

It is named, categorized and differentiated from other psychiatric presentations by its undeniable cyclical patterns. Bipolar Disorder is categorized by its “cycles” and their duration. Each one is specific and distinctive from the other.

These cycles should ring bells, blow whistles, raise all kinds of red colored flags about the nature of what is their cause.

Different infections are essentially different organisms. Pathogens. Microbial. Bacterial. Viral. Fungal. Parasitic. Microscopic or large enough to be detectable by the naked eye. They are alive. All have life-spans. These life spans cycle! Even if undiagnosed, untreated, they die! Just like people. Not all simultaneously. They live to multiply to, finally, complete their life cycle and die. All infections are comprised of living pathogens that experience their life cycles, ending in death.

How revolutionary is that? Yet, how obvious! Could this be the explanation for Bipolar Disorder actually “cycling”? Could it reflect the actual life cycles (spans) of the infecting organisms? After all, when die-offs occur, the toxicity released does change physiological and psychological biochemistry. Even while these organism live, toxic excretions are continually released.

Let’s now go into the process that changes the endocrine system when these infecting organism are present. The thyroid gland is directly impacted. It is compromised. The adrenal glands are also in constant “communication” with the thyroid gland, as are the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Yet, it is the thyroid–a master gland–that seems most impacted.

The pathogens literally aim at shutting these glands down–because they are the seat of the elusive immune system. When doctors administer chemotherapy in cancer patients, they literally suppress the adrenal glands–shutting down the immune system so it doesn’t launch an attack on the chemotherapy drugs.

The thyroid gland is responsible for so many metabolic functions, along with the other glands in the endocrine system. They are like superhighways conducting essential “traffic” in all areas of the body–including, of course, the brain. They determine how fast your heart beats, blood pressure, temperature, hair growth or loss, hormone secretion, steroidal output, mineral balance, metabolism, enzyme secretions. So many of your crucial bodily functions. They even determine your gender, your height, your weight, your appetite, the symmetry of your features. They also deliver the raw materials that the brain needs in order to produce serotonin, dopamine, endorphins–the very essence of “well being”. Of feeling happy!

Many studies are presently under way that are uncovering the endocrine piece of this devastating puzzle, namely the thyroid playing such a pivotal role in Bipolar Disorder of all types–including the glaringly daunting treatment resistant Bipolar Disorder presentations.

By administering simple thyroid hormones, some doctors and researchers have found that even treatment resistant Bipolar Disorder is reversible. There is even a government sponsored study that is underway
that is cataloging this breakthrough.

Of course, I’d like to take it one step further and help you not only navigate through the daunting path of thyroid hormone administration, but also eradicate the infections that are causing the impairment of thyroid function, in the first place.

Note: In studies where administration of thyroid hormones was found to reverse Bipolar Disorder (even in patients that had previously taken up to 14 medications to no avail), there were a small fraction that could not process the hormone. Let me guide you through the esoterically mysterious landscape of the endocrine system, where we can uncover why! Where the adrenal glands need to equally be addressed so that treatment success is insured!

This is where medicine becomes truly miraculous! Able to reverse the most daunting conditions once the interconnected paths leading to a cause are revealed!

4 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder”

  1. I enjoyed your article and am very glad that some one is actually studying the effects of bipolar, and different ways to curer or at least manage the symptoms. Yet the administering of thyroid hormones for an effect on bipolar seems a little iffy in my opinion, although I do not know or never have heard of this kind of treatment. (please not I am not trying to criticize your research nor offend you in anyway.) Wouldn’t thyroid hormones potentially cause the patient or test subject to gain unwanted weight or loss there of there current weight? Also are you doing random assignment, controlled groups, experiment groups, double-blind (which i think would be kinda pointless) or a placebo? Sorry for all the questions, I am bipolar diagnosed at the age of 13 and have been dealing with it for sometime. From what i currently know it is mostly treated with anti-seizure that apparently has an effect as well along side of antidepressants, or antianxiety. I would love to hear from you sometime soon.

    Thank you
    Steven berry.

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